Hi, I am Sambuddha!

I'm a [junior] at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign studying Computer Science .

I have a passion for technology, problem solving, and building applications to help better life. I have lately been interested on topics such as AI/ML, Fintech, HCI, and web development.

On this website, you will find stuff I'm working on, what I am upto, and basically anything else on my mind :)

My main experience has been around the full stack, ranging from MERN stack to ELK stack.

I have been fortunate to be a part of:


Some projects I've been recently working on :)

YouTube Analytics 🚀
MERN stack, MySQL, GCP

• YouTube Analytics: Live Channel Analytics based on trending videos datasets and the youtube API

Instant Financial Terminal 📈
Python, APIs, Rich Library

• Instant Financial Terminal: A terminal based app that gives financial news using Reddit, YahooFinance, and FinHub APIs

Wordle for Friends 📚
Python, Databases

Python implementation of the New York Times game with the option of choosing your own valid word for your friend to guess

6 degrees of wiki 🌐
C++, Algorithms, Data Structures

C++ program to read the wikipedia dataset to find the shortest path between different wiki pages and identify euler circuits.

Fall'22 🍂

• 6 degrees of wiki: shortest path and euler paths

• Simon Game using javascript (jQuery)

• Simple Weather site using Node.js and Express.js using the open weather API

Sales Forecaster 🐍
Python, Upgini, ML

A python model built to predict the future sales of a product with the help of the upgini library for more sales-item data and better predicitons.

BlackJack Chat Server 🃏
Rust, JavaScript

BlackJack with a multiplayer chat server!

Find all my repositories on my github!

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Lost in the Fire, Jimmy Cooks, Some Way, Die For You, The Color Violet.

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